As the actual browsing is done in the Isolation Platform utilizing Crusoe’s advanced remote containers architecture, malware simply ‘dies’ within the short-lived disposable isolated containers (either on-prem or in the cloud) and does not penetrate the internal network.

As Crusoe browses the Internet on behalf of the end-user, no external, and potentially harmful code, is ever executed on the endpoint, while only rendered and safe artifacts are sent back to the endpoint.

Crusoe Security protects organizations from cyber-attacks by eliminating the danger of malicious code infecting endpoint devices. The Crusoe Isolation Platform isolates and executes web content away from the endpoint in the DMZ or in the cloud, ensuring that only a safe visual stream is transmitted back to the endpoint.

The Isolation Platform smoothly integrates with the security policies of the organization, and as the solution is agentless, IT and Security professionals can efficiently assume control while end-users enjoy a native-like browsing experience.