You Are Exposed

Not a Question of If, but When

The Internet is today’s prime attack vector. Even legitimate websites pose a serious risk as malicious actors can victimize ad-supported websites with newly found vulnerabilities.

Traditional solutions have been unable to stop Zero Day incidents because they rely on detection trying to differentiate malicious content from legitimate one.

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The Freedom of Isolation

With enormous malicious pieces of code introduced daily, comes the need for a radically different approach. Isolation is becoming today’s most advanced protection paradigm.

Crusoe’s Isolation Platform ensures that the actual execution of web content is always external to the organization while only a safe visual stream is transmitted back to the user.

Under The Hood

The Power of Crusoe's Isolation Platform


Untrusted code from the Internet is executed and rendered in the isolated and short lived remote browser and never reaches the local endpoint


Rendered artifacts are converted to a safe Crusoe visual stream which is efficiently transmitted to the agent-less client


User interactions are transmitted to the remote browser in real-time ensuring the end-user enjoys a native-like experience


The Management Console empowers security and IT professionals who have full control and visibility into the organization’s browsing experience


Integration with Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) systems allows scanning and downloading files before they reach the end-user


Crusoe integrates with the existing web-filtering security policy of the organization so IT can easily deploy without changing workflows

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